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PR: Brand Strategy & Messaging

We help organisations to define and refine their brand.

We are experienced in helping brands punch through the chatter with creativity and flair. You tell us what your rational and emotional benefits are and what values make you distinct and special. We will then identify your brand personalities and brand goal and be able to work out which media, marketing and communications approach is right for you. We make sure that we create meaningful brand strategies that speak directly to your target audiences.

PR: Media Relations

PR is the art of telling a story.  Everyone has a story – so tell us yours and we’ll spread the word.

All or our media relations campaigns comprise a unique and universal insight into the perception and mood of our target audience which is our foundation upon which we build a successful campaign.

We specialise in creating stories that connect with audiences so that they understand, perceive and change behaviour.  We know how to devise a creative media relations program to make sure that your message is seen, read and heard by the right people in the right places and at the right time!  Generating positive media coverage is about ‘what you know’ and ‘who you know’. We know a good story when we see one and have excellent relationships with media and we maintain our relationships with editors, reporters and bloggers at a national and regional level. 

We make sure everything we do is about creating conversations and making sure that people are engaged with what we do for our clients.

To increase positive communication through targeted media our dedicated press office:

  • Develop comprehensive media lists
  • Draft newsworthy and relevant media releases and key messages
  • Distribute media releases and pitch story ideas to targeted media
  • Facilitate interviews
  • Oversee media training
  • Follow up and analyse the coverage
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders

PR: Crisis Preparation & Response

We understand the importance of being on message when under pressure.  Complex issues require careful, considered communications.  We appreciate the importance of protecting your brand so trust us to manage your brand’s reputation and protect it with our robust crisis services Let us prepare you with a tailor-made approach.  We will help you prepare for potential issues, providing tailored strategies and messaging for an immediate response should an issue occur.  We are experienced and know how to minimise impact and brand damage.

The Blackcorn team holds considerable experience when it comes to crisis and issues management – in fact some of our best work is the stuff that you don’t hear about.  Our team will provide 24/7 on call support so you can rest assured that maximum output is done to ensure minimum impact upon your brand.

We have also extended our crisis and issues management expertise to social media platforms.

How we do it:

  • Scenario planning
  • Crisis preparation workshop
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Spokesperson media training

PR: Events & Experiential

Our unique approach will bring your brand, the public and the media together. We are well equipped to tackle any brief, no matter how large or small, and enjoy delivering events injected with personality that captivate the media and audience’s attention to create an emotional connection between the brand and audiences and force people to change their behaviour and consider your brand.  We will help you build a direct relationship with your customers where they come face-to-face with your brand and its possibilities with the aim in creating a lasting connection.

Activations are an effective technique of brand management as they generate consumer interest by allowing consumers to have a first-hand experience with a product or service. In doing so, the brand’s value is ‘activated’ by the consumer, creating a long-lasting impression and with the intent to share this impression with other target audiences.

Experiential activities allow a brand to access current and potential consumers to engage with their products. This form of brand exposure is focused primarily on the ‘experience’ attracting customers and providing them with more information through a memorable activity or experience.

The Blackcorn events team will help take your audience to another level via impactful experiential marketing and disruptive activations that influence, captivate and excite.  We are experienced in creating unique brand experiences that celebrate a brand and result in positive and impactful memories.

How we do it:

  • Launch events
  • Photocalls
  • Experiential activations
  • Event concept development
  • Event management

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