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Social Media Management

Let us take your business to the next level – we will create innovative and impactful campaigns that engage with real audiences, and most importantly produce results that last.

Maintain a Strong Social Presence

Our main goal is to build the visibility and exposure of your social accounts to attract more traffic to your service or products. Blackcorn will make sure that your social media presence is growing daily and will post relevant content to your audience to encourage conversion to your product/service. Take a look at the accounts we have managed below:

Why Blackcorn?

Blackcorn is a leading digital marketing agency who is proud to deliver smart, innovative and forward thinking strategies which create powerful and enduring results.

Increase Engagement

Our content strategy is designed to boost social engagement. We have grown engagement of accounts over 500% in just 3 months.

Quality Content

We design unique and professional posts that fit in within your niche / style. All posts are designed by our team of expert designers.

Based In The UK

Located in Cheltenham & London our team of in-house social media experts are passionate and dedicated.

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How We Work:

phase 1. SIGNING UP

Phase 1. SIGNing UP

It is easy to sign up with Blackcorn.

Select a package from the options below. Once you have decided on your package you will then be able to select any optional add-ons.

Fill out our communication brief so we fully understand your business, social media and your goals.

phase 2. RESEARCH

Each client will have different requirements and niches and it takes us up to 5-7 days to do our research on your particular requirements. We will study your industry and competitors before working out what strategy to create the best campaign for you.

We will also send you example posts which can be revised and adjusted.



Once you receive your example posts it is over to you to for feedback. Then our team will create visual posts and text content for your social media channels.

All content that is produced can be sent to you prior before going live to ensure you’re 100% happy with it.


At the end of each month we will keep you updated on the success we have achieved by sending you a detailed report which will show you exactly how many people we reached, how many followers (did what?) and how many likes received.

We will analyse the data gathered over the month and covert that into running a stronger campaign each month. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy seeing your brand succeed!

Within just 3 months of Social Media Management we have grown Firle Vintage Fair with the following statistics:


  • Total Reach: 1.4M (+538% in 3 months)
  • Engagement: 67.4K (+443% in 3 months)
  • Page Clicks: 50.8K (+4155% in 3 months)

Working with Blackcorn has been fantastic. It isn’t easy choosing the right company to work with for social media marketing, but they are very dedicated to getting the work done right while being easy to work with in the process. Blackcorn’s work is very high quality. You can be confident that you will be happy choosing them. Everyone is incredible friendly and supportive, and always happy to help.

Social Media Management Pricing

If you need help deciding get in touch with us by clicking here.

What Others Are Saying

Being a startup is very difficult and having the time to manage everything yourself is hard. Reece and his team are extremely helpful and have grown my Instagram and Facebook pages at great speed. As they manage everything for my social media I can sit back and relax whilst the hard work is taken care for me.


Transparent Communication. The team is full of  great experts, the results are excellent and every month we achieve better goals. Blackcorn understands very well our needs and they are always open to speak and to discuss any idea. We will work with them again and again…


I will admit that I am of the older generation. Social media went right over my head. I was recommended by a friend that Blackcorn are the best guys to help and I wasn’t disappointed. I was assigned a social media manager and everything was taken care of. It’s complete ease of mind, I cannot recommend enough. Thanks guys.

I think this is one of the greatest social media marketing teams I have ever worked with! Communication was excellent, results amazing and I would definitely recommend this service. Thanks so much again.


Incredible work by the team at Blackcorn. I’m really blown away by their support and attention us. We started with only 5,000 Instagram followers for our New Zealand branch, just after a year of management we have reached a total of 60,000 followers. Cannot express how great this team are with their services.


When I started working with Blackcorn, my total account followings were just under 2000. Now, I am at 20K and growing fast. No bots, real people who purchased from me. Reece & team has more than paid for himself. I am very happy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

It will take 3-5 working days to research and create your first batch of posts. 

What content will you post?

We will only post visual and written content which is relevant to your niche. 

How many followers and likes will I get?

This depends on a few factors, such as: Business niche, marketing budget and account history. 

Can I resell your service?

Yes you can. We offer special offers to resellers. We can also provide white labled reports.

Can I cancel anytime?

Our minimum subscription length is 3 months. This is the best period to start seeing results in social media.

Will you send approval before the social media posts go live?

Posts will be sent for approval prior to going live on social media.

Do you offer live social media for events?

We offer live social media coverage for your events. If you’re interested in live events please ensure you speak to your dedicated account manager.